Be Happy! Do Your Duty blithely while not Attachment to its Results

Be Happy! Do Your Duty blithely while not Attachment to its Results

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Happiness isn’t living during a fool’s paradise. it’s not living in oneself oblivious of out of doors world. Life isn’t a bed of roses. Here one should struggle and fight for justice. All our actions area unit with a read to some results. however typically we tend to fail to realize that result. someday we tend to get even opposite results than our expectations. as an example, once we do a decent address someone and rather than being grateful to United Statese the person accuses us. Failure in achieving our goal typically leads United States to unhappiness.

What is the answer to it? Bhagavad-Gita, the Hindu spiritual and philosophical text, that is maybe the sole spiritual book within the world that was delivered amidst parcel, encompasses a lovely resolution. It says,

‘You have right to action solely, ne’er to its results; ne’er be connected to the results of your actions; however don’t go for inaction additionally.’— Gita (2.47)

How lovely and unique!

In essence it teaches United States that one ought to do one’s duty while not being unduly involved regarding its results. It doesn’t mean that one ought to do no matter involves one’s fancy while not reference to its consequences. In fact, duty suggests that prescribed duty. Its results can not be undesirable. however the action might end in success or failure. we should always not be unduly involved with this. The explanation for all unhappiness is foiled wishes. This doesn’t teach United States to be indifferent to the results of our actions and do them indifferently. It teaches United States to try and do our greatest. If then the results aren’t as we tend to had expected, we should always have religion in God.

Mind you, all this preaching regarding detachment from the results of one’s action is being instructed at the battle field of Mahabharat once an excellent war is simply to be fought. This war is between cousin-german brothers, and close to relatives area unit fighting on the opposing sides. Arjun has aforesaid that he failed to wish to fight a war during which he should kill not solely close to relatives however elders and lecturers. avatar is making an attempt to inform him that it’s his duty to fight. The reward could be a nice kingdom. nevertheless avatar is talking of fighting a war at the price of dying or killing one’s close to and expensive, and nevertheless doing therefore while not attachment to its results!

Yet, if you return to think about it, it’s the simplest theory regarding life. Attachment brings uncertainty, worry, and tension. In fact, this non-attachment to the results is incredibly psychological too. an excessive amount of worry regarding the results of our actions affects the latter negatively.