Best Cultural Festivals Around The Globe

Best Cultural Festivals Around The Globe

The world we live in consists of an exceptionally diverse human population which, throughout the times, has developed diverse political and cultural norms specific to their beliefs and religions. Today, this diversity has left us with a plethora of events.

a number of customary with a deep-rooted history and some not so conventionally developed purely for a definite need, which shed light into and allow us to understand cultures different from our own. Here are few best cultural festivals that happen around the globe.



Carnival of Venice:

Enter the monarch of make-believe at the Venice Carnival, one of the oldest celebrations in Italy, famous for its unique masks and elaborate costumes. The event from 11-28 February is an exceptional experience, mirroring what the Venetian world would look like 300 years ago.

Walk around in fancy dress and admire this alluring city floating on water. Wander down secret narrow backstreets and passageways or board a gondola and cruise along the Venice’s Grand Canal to catch a glance of Gothic palaces and renaissance.

Appreciate this destination through genuine local familiarity by getting to know about the Venetian tradition of carnival masks and paint one for you to take home. Enjoy the Tuscan cuisine along with the Count Miari Fulcis on his 15th century natural olive oil estate situated in charming rolling hills. Used as a location for many famous movies, Room with a View was filmed here. Finally, take a look at the Venetian craftsmen at work creating local specialties at a traditional glass blowing workshop on the Giudecca Island.


The Rio Carnival:

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is one of the famous festival held before Lent every year and is considered as the biggest carnival in the world with approximately 2 million people each day on the streets.The very first festivals of Rio date back to 1823. Typically Rio carnival parade is filled with floats, revelers and adornments from various samba schools located in Rio.


Cosplay Festival, JAPAN:

World Cosplay Summit (WCS), is an annual global cosplay event that encourages friendly international exchange using the Japanese pop culture. The World Cosplay Summit is organized by the events division of TV Aichi and has a dynamic support of local volunteers, businesses and city organizations.The championship and the parade are held in Nagoya, Japan with a number of related events being held in the Kanto, Tokai and Kansai areas.


August Moon Festival, GREECE:

August is the month of the year when Athens is full of cheers and celebrations. Of the festivities of Athens in the month of August, the Full Moon fiesta holds a special appeal. During this festival, both the tourists and the locals are permitted free entry to the city’s major monuments, archaeological sites and museums.


Chinese New Year:

The biggest holiday, with dragons, symbolic clothing, fireworks, flowers, lanterns, and celebration is China’s most significant and important day of the year. Well known as the Chinese New Year celebration. Traditionally run from the Chinese New Year’s Eve, the very last day of the very last month of the Chinese calendar, to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month, creating the festival the longest in the Chinese calendar!

It marks China’s most important festival an important traditional Chinese holiday rejoiced at the turn of the Chinese calendar. It’s also known as the Spring Festival.


Best Cultural Festivals Around The Globe

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