Beyond the Work-Life Balance

Beyond the Work-Life Balance

Self Development

Living through the Success Elements™

Much has been written regarding finding a harmonious balance between work and life, and this text doesn’t will discredit any of it. it’s essential to strike a balance between the skilled and private. True success is four-dimensional, and if you focus solely on work your personal life suffers, and the other way around. Limiting your perspective of success to the 2 dimensions of labor and private life will result in an absence of balance inside each skilled and private success. To separate life and work into disparate entities misses the purpose of true success.

The Success Elements™

There square measure parts of success that square measure the building blocks of skilled and private life. The Success Elements™ principle is based on the four parts of Health, Wealth, Wisdom, and Relationships. By achieving balance all told of the Success Elements™, you’ll be able to be assured that your success can transcend each your work life and private life.

Applying the Success Elements™

The application of the Success Elements™ in your personal life is straightforward to envision. If you target Wealth too heavily, your family life can suffer. If you neglect your Health, all different areas of life can suffer. Even specializing in Relationships too much-which on the surface appears laudable-can disrupt everything else.

So currently that we’ve established that the Success Elements™ square measure applicable to your personal life, what regarding business?


Good Health advantages over your personal life. In business, success in Health can result in fewer sick days, less burnout, accumulated focus, bigger profitableness, and a lot of energy. Health can even result in a extended and a lot of fruitful career.


This has the foremost obvious application in calling and wishes very little clarification. As long as you understand that exclusive target anybody Success Element™ will be black, following Wealth is nice. following Wealth, though, doesn’t imply that cash is everything. Wealth is regarding complementing the pursuit of excellence within the different Success Elements™.


The knowledge component will have tremendous impact on your vocation. the trendy economy rewards innovation and adaptability, and knowledge is regarding the continual pursuit of data and insight. you ought to request to perpetually expand the horizon of your talent sets, as this can assist you in reaching your skilled dreams.


At first look, several suppose that Relationships solely applies to friends and family. however Relationships additionally applies to your supervisor, subordinates, colleagues, mentors, customers, and community. it’s essential for business success to develop sturdy relationships with everybody in your skilled circle. request to feature worth to everybody in your network.
And by all means that, do not forget to create a network!

The distinctive side of the Success Elements™ is that they transcend the individual and might be applied corporately. an organization cannot afford to neglect any of the Success Elements™. every component contains a place within the business world, and balance among the Success Elements™ is simply as essential for corporations because it is for people.

So raise yourself, is there balance in your life-in all areas of your life?

Greg Langston is that the President of The Langston cluster, that offers a comprehensive a hundred Day Leadership and Success system referred to as the Integrated Helix System™. The Integrated Helix System™ helps people discover their distinctive strengths (Distinct Natural Abilities™), core values, and lifelong goals, all with attention on increasing potential and work-life balance. The Langston Group’s Integrated Helix System™ is obtainable to executives, professionals and students. The Langston cluster additionally offers the knowledge Project, wherever you’ll be able to scan their assortment of the most effective of the online, updated daily. you’ll be able to realize articles on Health, Wealth, Wisdom, and Relationships-plus a number of articles on technology, interviews with prime CEO’s, and therefore the most challenging, leading-edge concepts around.

Langston began his career within the international business arena nearly thirty years past, he had 2 objectives:
1) Become a prosperous world leader and
2) Maximize the potential of all those he came into contact with.

While running operations in more than $1.2 Billion and eight,000 staff, he learned that while not a method and technology, these 2 goals typically worked against one another. He created B to produce Life, Personal and Business coaches with a established roadmap which can facilitate their shoppers Discover, confirm and Direct their futures whereas driving a superb come on investment (ROI).