4 phrases for becoming a better runner

Four Mental Phrases for Becoming a Runner

If you’ve been considering implementing healthier lifestyle choices, starting a running routine could be one of the best to make. Aside from improved cardiovascular health, more energy, and better sleep, you also won’t have to worry about questions you’ll inevitably field during an interview for life insurance if you’ve got a regular running practice. But, […]

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When Counting Carbs Is Beneficial To The Human Body

Carbohydrates contribute to several different functions in the body, but it is how you use them that determines if they are beneficial. Maintaining your health is important but the first step has to be understanding carbohydrates. Most people look at carbohydrate consumption when they are trying to lose weight. A lot of recent diet fads […]

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Why is Stress Management Important to Wellness?

Stress management is extremely important to wellness. Of course, stress is everywhere in your everyday life. From your job to your personal life, it is extremely easy to acquire stress. Now, you may be asking: why is stress management important to wellness? Well, the simple answer is: stress is unhealthy. It wreaks all sorts of […]

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