Five Steps to Goal-Setting

Five Steps to Goal-Setting

Self Development

What would you prefer to attain in your lifetime?

Author Basil S. Walth once aforementioned, “If you do not recognize wherever you’re going, however are you able to expect to induce there?” These area unit words well spoken, as a result of whether or not you are operating toward freelancing regular or commercialism your novels, you wish a roadmap.

Goals area unit indispensable. they supply direction, long-run vision and short motivation. They separate the vital from the digressive. Goals additionally build self-assurance by serving to you grow as a private.

Olympic athletes, thriving business folks, and (hint…) bestselling writers area unit goal setters. You shoot for to greatness too, do not you? If you are doing, and you are not already setting goals, now’s the proper time to start out.

Five Things to recollect once Setting Goals:

1. Write Goals Down

Always jot your goals-this is powerful. the method of physically seeing your goals helps crystallize them in your mind. This method additionally higher allows you to conceive to them.

Interesting Fact: a well-liked Harvard grad school study once found that solely third-dimensional of the population records their goals in writing. Another 14 July have goals however do not write them down, whereas eighty three don’t even have clearly outlined goals. additional attention-grabbing is that this third-dimensional earned Associate in Nursing astounding 10 times that of the eighty three group!

2. build Goals Short, Attainable, & Measurable

Set possible short goals that may be measured. this implies setting quantitative goals.

Here area unit some examples:

Commit to writing a definite range of words hebdomadally

Submit a minimum of 2 articles every week

Find 2 new markets hebdomadally

Take a minimum of one writing course a year

Attend a minimum of one writer’s conference a year

Make your goals possible thus you will not get discouraged. The short goals higher than area unit possible on behalf of me, however they will not be for you. or even for you, my short goals are not difficult enough.

Goals area unit terribly individual. you’ve got to line your own goals…remember, you are charting your own course to success!

On the opposite hand, do not set forceless goals just because you are afraid to fail. Talane Miedaner, author of Coach Yourself to Success (McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books, 2002) notes: “People typically offer themselves ‘weeny’ goals-they play it safe so that they do not fail…But the larger the goal, the additional doubtless you’re to attain it.”

3. produce Deadlines

Without deadlines, your goals area unit just dreams. Set deadlines for each short- and long-run goals, and that i promise, you will get there sooner!

Remember that deadlines are often versatile. Life changes and then do goals. ne’er be afraid to regulate the timeframe for a goal. what is vital is to stay moving forward.

4. examine your goals everyday!

Visual aids area unit an efficient thanks to program your brain.

Reading and re-writing goals area unit 2 terribly effective visual aids. By physically editing your goals and pasting them in places you frequently frequent, you create them additional real in your mind.

I browse a commentary during this month’s form magazine that galvanized Maine. The author mentioned that before married woman Ban Breathnach, author of the bestselling book & Oprah decide straightforward Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy (Warner Books, 1995) became a bestselling author, she affixed her name on the #1 spot of the big apple Times bestseller list and announce it on her laptop. Visual Aids like these provide you with that further ammunition which will build a distinction.

5. build Goal Setting a Routine

Begin each morning with a “To Do” list. this can assist you organize and higher manage it slow. Plus, your goals are right smack beneath your nose a day. don’t get discouraged over any unfinished things. merely transfer them to subsequent morning’s list.

The higher than aforementioned, keep your goals front and forward in your mind. Remember…you only get one probability to measure your dreams!

In the words of Cecil B. DE Mille: “The United Nations agency|one that|one who} makes a hit of living is that the one who sees his goal steady and aims for it unswervingly. that’s dedication.”