Life Happiness

Life Happiness

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Is it extremely potential to realize a time period of happiness or is that this just a few dumb dream that we have a tendency to all have from time to time – well I can’t promise you a time period of happiness every and each day of your life – simply MOST DAYS.

Now if somebody had told Maine that a couple of years agone i’d have quickly created my apologies and run well removed from them – they may are aliens from another planet making an attempt to capture Maine with their crazy concepts, on the other hand area unit those concepts therefore crazy when all?

I had lived a fairly average life similar to the bulk folks – nothing extremely spectacular had happened – I left college, visited school, got a job, got married, had kids, visited work to produce for United States all, took my vacation entitlements and recurrent an equivalent sequence of events and activities annually. Nothing wrong therewith I hear you say and OK that’s however we have a tendency to all live therefore what’s wrong with that? – right? – well NO truly.

How many times have we have a tendency to checked out our lives and simply questioned what it had been all regarding and was there something else- maybe a that means and a purpose to life – that’s created all the additional necessary once you’ve become a raving alcoholic like i used to be and was living in an exceedingly living accommodations on my very own when a separation from my spouse and youngsters.

What happened on it December day in 2002 was nothing in need of a contemporary day miracle and even currently, putting this on ink, the hairs on my arms arise as I still can’t quite believe what went on – not solely am I back reunited with my spouse and youngsters and additional taken with than I ever was before I’ve ne’er touched either a drink or a smoke since that day and even additional astounding haven’t had the urge or want for either one amongst them since.

I have ne’er enjoyed life most as this and also the buzz I STILL get, virtually three years later simply gets higher and higher.

I am still therefore flooded by what happened to Maine then wished to share this with the planet that I wrote my book within the hope and anticipation that it will have an equivalent dramatic result on} on your life that it did on mine which you successively will have an equivalent effect on theirs – currently what a gift that may be to depart human race.

A recent testimonial, exerts of that area unit enclosed below, show simply why i would like this book to succeed in and bit those that area unit trying to find what I’ve found.

I LAVISHED your book. My life was in shambles; my spouse had unmarried Maine and tonight i used to be in such a state of despair that I had rung my Mother to inform her that suicide was my solely choice – when reading your book I even have a peace regarding Maine that I even have not had since i used to be nineteen and i am fifty six currently. many thanks many thanks for permitting God to talk through you to Maine – I currently feel a whole relief from all the pain and misery {I have|I even have|I truly have} famed for the past thirty seven years and that i many thanks for saving my life – actually GOD SAVED MY LIFE however you threw Maine the float – might God still bless you, your family and your ministry.

Roy Thompson, Atlanta, Georgia –