Manager of Manchester United

Manager of Manchester United


Jose Mourinho wants Wayne Rooney & Zlatan Ibrahimovic to stay at Man Utd

Manager of Manchester United
Manager of Manchester United


Manager of Manchester United Jose Mourinho said in an interview that he surely wants Wayne Rooney to stay in the team and he even expects Zlatan Ibrahimovic to extends his contract with the Manchester United.

Rooney made the announcement just last week that he is going to stay at the Old Trafford, after he had been linked a lot with moving to China. At the same time the England captain was also linked with being returning to his former club Everton, but Mourinho said in an interview that talking about such move “makes almost no sense”.

When we talk about Ibrahimovic’s his one-season deal even includes the option for the second year extension.

The Swede in 38 appearances has scored 26 goals for the United since the joining in July. He just scored twice on the Sunday’s 3-2 final victory EFL Cup over Southampton and after the final match, Ibrahimovic said in an interview that he is going to “see what will happen” about his extension of his contract.

According to Mourinho, “Ibrahimovic is going to be staying as the next transfer window is going to bring us to a whole new different level as i am going to bring in few new players. Zlatan is going to be fundamental. I definitely think he is going to stay.”

When he was asked to give his views related to Rooney, he said: “Now What I am going to tell you all is a very strong message, ‘I Really didn’t go anywhere. I really am going to and want to fight with this team & help this team until the end of this season’ and I am 100% sure he is going to be with us for the rest of the season.”


Manchester United, who is on the sixth spot in the Premier League, hosted the Bournemouth on Saturday (12:30 GMT).


Mourinho is also backing Luke Shaw in order to make himself look indispensable as Manchester United’s left-back.

Shaw, 21, didn’t played after the 4-0 FA Cup win from Wigan at the start of this year, but at the same time Mourinho also hinted that the England international is going to start against Bournemouth.


If we take a look at today’s news conference, Mourinho took the initiative. He just sensed what was going to be asked to him as he just sat down to give answer to the media. He then continue to talk for around four-five minutes about his club captain Rooney, and at the same time left-back Shaw, as we know these both are in the Manchester United’s squad and are going to face Bournemouth this Saturday.

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