Money cannot get You Happiness

Money cannot get You Happiness

Self Development


I am positive there’ll be many folks United Nations agency browse this text and can assume i’m rather mad. Quite honestly I don’t care. during this article I write on what in my humble opinion square measure the foremost importants things in life, health and happiness.

All that the majority of my friends remark is money:

What automobile does one drive?

How much is your house worth?

How much does one earn?

How much did your suit cost?

Where square measure you happening vacation this year?

I notice all of this terribly boring and assume that they’re rather unhappy. they appear to be in some variety of competition and that they square measure primarily obsessed regarding cash.

I will provide you with associate degree example of 1 such friend, his name is John. He ne’er appears to speak regarding anything and is usually trying into get wealthy fast schemes. he’s conjointly in an exceedingly lottery syndicate, of that there square measure regarding fifty members. every member pays around 10 pounds in per week. John likes to travel out meeting on a Sat night, but shortly gets impulse at the time of the lottery draw. many minutes later he can attend the rest room wherever he can then phone his girlfriend. He takes with him to the rest room a chunk of paper along with his numbers on and a bit pen. once his girlfriend has told him that numbers were drawn, John can then then pay around twenty minutes checking his numbers, so re-checking to envision if he has any winning lines.

Eventually he returns to the cluster United Nations agency appear terribly keen (apart from me) to search out out what proportion he has won/lost. thus far he has solely won tiny amounts, but is convinced that someday he can become a wealthy person. He can then begin talking regarding the lottery, asking people what they’d get if they were lucky enough to ever win. At this time I become terribly bored and begin to want I had stayed reception and watched the soccer.

For me the 2 most vital things in life square measure health and happiness. These square measure 2 things that cash cannot get. many years agone, my papa was taken sick. He was in an exceedingly real dangerous approach and had to pay around 5 months in hospital. Him being sick was an enormous shock to Pine Tree State as he was solely 57. I feared the worst, even supposing i used to be making an attempt my hardest to assume and keep positive. I keep in mind thinking, if I gave those doctors everything I own within the world, it still wouldn’t facilitate him. I felt overwhelmed and at that moment completed that money is barely paper.

Happiness is that the same, I keep in mind at the age of twenty-one having innumerable cash and had been shocked that i used to be depressed at a similar time. At alternative times I actually have had next to no cash and are extraordinarily happy.