New Technology Stories of IPO’s

New Technology  Stories of IPO’s

New Technology Stories of IPO’s
New Technology Stories of IPO’s


Few years have polarized public belief as the one about to end. The year 2016 has seen political turmoil, heightened divergence and a sense, normally, that the things we once use to took for granted are not quite as solid as we thought. But technology rarely toes the conventional path and as this year has seen the lowest number of IPO’s since 2009, it’s been a year in which technology have become the lead story, whether it is Tesla’s tiles or Facebook’s fakerys.

But that is 2016. The year 2017 guarantees as much if not more from the market, which a number of experts predict could be the year of the unicorn. Here are few headlines we are looking forward to for the next 365 days.

  • Goodbye to drivers:

A number of cars have been at the front position of tech news for years. But in 2017, with Google, Uber, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Ford and others all ploughing headfirst at a driverless world, expect the sector to rev into sixth gear this coming term.

Businesses providing platforms have already gathered up to counter the big players’ dollar draining projects. And with smaller companies like nuTonomy winning admirers internationally and a host of plans to get those cars on public roads till 2021 next year will provide a fascinating technology shootout between some of the industry’s most progressive names.

  • Facebook and Google’s fake play:

Mark Zuckerberg in November claimed that Facebook is a tech company, not a media corporation, was met with a ridicule across the globe, particularly in light of political and elections contests in the Europe and the US that were flooded with fake news and partisan propaganda. Since the beginning of 2017, with votes such as Germany’s, and increased apprehension on Russia’s western borders, expect to see the social media giant shift gears to combat the arguments that it’s a menace to democracy.

The incoming US President Donald.J.Trump has threatened Zuckerberg’s charges, and Google, with anti-trust laws to lessen down their ever-expanding dominance over the online sphere. Does he have a chance to rein in two of the 21st centuries true corporate leviathans? Or will clients, their utopian Internet dreams shattered, turn to other parts of the web? Expect media to get interested in overdrive reporting this new and vital global constituent.

  • Artificial Intelligence Becomes Everyday

The year 2017 has been widely herald as the year of Artificial Intelligence. And Red Herring sees it no different: Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber and a glut of other top technology names are working like crazy to corner a market that’s swiftly being inserted into the lives of billions of ordinary women and men.

Scientists are currently teaching computers to ‘learn’, something which should excite, terrify and enthusiast’s technophobes in an equal measure. Assistant, Echo and Alexa are becoming household names already. And the Google’s Neural Machine Translation system by now translates sentences better than the traditional platforms. Expect to see Artificial Intelligence dominates next week’s CES in Las Vegas, which will be the earliest industry barometer for a packed 2017.

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