Patriots’ Slater: The Best Games in History of NFL’

Patriots’ Slater: The Best Games in History of NFL’

Patriots' Slater: The Best Games in History of NFL'
Patriots’ Slater: The Best Games in History of NFL’


Houston-Matthew Slater does not get the attention of Bill Belichick or Tom Brady, but the Patriots extraordinary teams’ ace has witnessed it all during his time in New England.

Maybe that is the reason why Sunday’s record setting comeback in a 34-28 overtime success against the Falcons did not catch him by surprise.

According to Slater: It appears to be the way it goes for the Patriots in the contest…”Close games, nail biters. Couple plays here and there that swing the game. We had some good luck tonight and, obviously, we will take it every time.”

The game felt so completely lost for New England. With the Patriots down 28-3 at one stage, Twitter was active with aggressive thrusts aimed at a franchise that has conquered the sport since the turn of the century.

In the very end, although, the Patriots basically reminded us once more just how exceptional and unusual this association is, carving out 31 unreciprocated points against a Falcons protection left staring 2,000 miles into the distance.

Slater said: It’s one of the best games in the history of the NFL, emphasizing that nobody lost hope when the game felt so bleak… We just looked into each other’s eyes said Slater. Nobody was shook. Nobody was panicking. We were just coming out there and challenging. We believed in the progression. We put foundational pieces in place, starting in April. Our task was put in long ago and now it was the instance for us to collect the harvest.

Slater went out of his way to honor a compilation of pass-catchers Julian Edelman, Malcolm Mitchell, Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, James White and Martellus Bennett. Who helped Brady shatter Super Bowl testimony books with an enormous 466 yards through the air, everyone over here talking about our receiver corps, you know: We got few JAGs out there.’ Well, the JAGs got it done.”

Balancing his little baby boy on one knee, Slater got expressive when asked what he would sometime’s tell the child about this remarkable night. Slater said I am going to tell him that I love him a lot. And it means so much to have him here with me.

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