Pirates from the Caribbean to Cables

Pirates from the Caribbean to Cables

Pirates, from the Caribbean to Cables

We cannot imagine any entity today can succeed in its work without communication and networks technology, It like blood for telecom companies, nerves for banks, and soul for humanity. If technology collapses, then we may face famine, disasters, epidemics and who knows maybe extinction too.

Yes, it did not exist before and we lived for many centuries, but now it’s our instrument to diagnose and treat diseases, deliver water and energy to our houses and farms, predict hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, as well as, controlling most lethal weapons and make them available only to rational people.

However, this technology needs to fortify itself more, it has to become more efficient, faster, cheaper, and safer, many people and entities have tried to exploit the unlimited data paths, endless work possibilities, and hidden bugs of information networks, for the money, fame or even power, which constitute the goals of technology pirates today or as we call them (Hackers), they sail between wireless signals, portals, and programming codes, as their ships sailed in the 17th and 18th centuries in the Caribbean Sea in search of ships laden with gold, eternal glories, and to control of maritime trade.

The hackers launched a number of powerful hacking raids in recent history, they attacked many companies and entities systems despite they have the best protection systems, one of the biggest and most violent cyber-attacks in modern history has hit one of the companies that knew the internet thanks to it. Yahoo! “bled” 500 million user accounts due to an attack in 2014, Names, telephone numbers and passwords were stolen, before that specifically in 2012, Yahoo! lost 200 million usernames and passwords. The violent strikes did not stop, yahoo! admitted it had been attacked again in March 2018, this time 32 million accounts were affected, recently in December 2018 the company admitted that all of the 3 billion accounts had been hacked in 2013.

Banking and credit services were not immune to attacks, although it is the second most secure sector after the defense sector, in 2014 authorities revealed that more than 100 million credit cards and 20 million bank accounts data had been stolen in South Korea over the course of several years, the scandal involved an employee of the Korean Credit Bureau, where he copied the data and resold it to credit card companies and telemarketing companies, About ten years ago, 170 million credit cards and ATMs were stolen by Albert Gonzalez between 2005 and 2007, to carry out these attacks he used back doors of company systems, luckily he was arrested on May 2008, and on March 2010 he was sentenced to 20 years.

In a public scandal,Ashley Madison website announced in July 2015, that users database was Hacked, Ashley Madison is a dating site and marital infidelity, some of these users are VIP, 25 gigabytes of data involving sensitive user information were leaked, Site’s users estimated compensation for the damages about 151 $ million, while it seems that they are do not considered the marital infidelity as devastating thing.

When we review the most serious and influential cyber-attacks, we must be mentioned (Conficker), it is the largest computer worm in history, it has infected tens of millions of Windows-based computers in more than 200 countries, the worm targeted users of social networks such as Facebook, Skype and many e-mail clients such as Gmail and Hotmail, and they can access credit card numbers and passwords for the user, Security experts say the worm has not been completely destroyed and is still active until today.

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