'Stop the Stupid Stuff' In Your Business

‘Stop the Stupid Stuff’ In Your Business

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We live in a very world of modification. Shift happens! Competition comes from everywhere the globe, which implies that several yank businesses area unit in hassle.

Many decisions area unit being created that area unit contrary to each smart business sense and building client loyalty.

Most organizations’ selling is sometimes AN exercise in deciding what to try and do to urge current or potential customers to pay a lot of bucks with them.

I’m suggesting that rather than brooding about what to try and do, decipher what to prevent doing. In different words, stop doing the “stupid stuff.”

Not doing the stupid stuff suggests that checking out what prevents customers from cash with you and ensuring that that action or reaction ne’er happens once more.

Here’s AN example of what I decision “stupid stuff.” Some airlines currently wish to charge customers WHO wish to talk to a live agent.

That’s stupid stuff in 2 ways that. First, they’ve chosen to punish customers WHO wish to continue obtaining what they’ve invariably gotten – one-on-one attention. Worse, they’ve done it by speech they’re going to charge a lot of for this antecedently normal level of service. what percentage customers can they lose thanks to this decision? i do know of a minimum of one.

There area unit a lot of refined, however no less damaging, stupid things businesses got to stop doing.

Take, as an example, the new Wheaties boxes. General Mills recently introduced Wheaties boxes with photos of the U.S. Olympic gold medalists. One was missing: Paul Hamm. Why?

This was General Mills’ response to my inquiry:

“Selecting a Wheaties Champion has ne’er been a simple task, particularly once we have witnessed numerous outstanding performances by numerous championship athletes. however it merely is not attainable to honor each champion on the Wheaties box.”

So they leave off the primary U.S. man to win the athletic competition all-round gymanstic exercise championship in one among the sport’s greatest comebacks? His come from a unfortunate fall to a near-perfect high-bar routine won near-universal praise and, for many folks, outlined the word “champion.”

But there was dispute. As most of you recognize, a South Korean jock claimed that a grading error value him the gold and appealed to the Court of Arbitration for sport. The court recently dominated that Hamm will keep the laurel wreath.

Even though the medallion was controversial, it absolutely was not thanks to something Hamm did or didn’t do. Still, General Mills set to try and do the “safe” issue. however by being safe and departure out Hamm, Wheaties is antagonistic the variant customers WHO see him not as polemic, however as a hero, and losing customers within the method. currently that is “stupid stuff.”

So begin stopping! Stop speech “No” and begin victimization the word “Yes.” Stop charging for services that almost all folks suppose area unit free.

Find out what exasperates, discourages, hassles or confuses your customers and stop it.