14 sensible strategies TO COMBAT STRESS

9 Strategies to Combat Stress

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Looking for ways to alleviate the stress in your life?

Here are 9 strategies to help you manage your stress, and promote happiness.

Here area unit some easy strategies to combat the stress in your life.

There are many strategies for driving stress away.

Let’s dive into strategy number 1.

Stress Combating Strategy #1- Take Time to Laugh

Simply taking the time to laugh can be enough to boost the endorphins in your brain.

This can help you get out of a stressful feeling quick and easy.

I know that it seems obvious, but when you get caught up in your emotions, it is easy to forget the simple things!

Just step back, take a moment and laugh to combat stress.

Stress Combating Strategy #2- Make a Plan

Planning ahead is crucial for developing the type of life you want to live.

At times you may get stressed out by not being where you want to be in life. I know I do. But when it comes down to it, simply making a plan can make a huge difference.

Simply planning ahead and setting milestones along the path to your overarching goal can help you feel less overwhelmed on the way there.

Being overwhelmed is a huge stressor for many. By simply breaking up your large goal into simple milestones, you can combat a lot of stress.

Stress Combating Strategy #3- Avoid Procrastination

Strategy number 2 only works if you avoid procrastination.

It’s true, procrastination of your plans can be even more stressful than not having one at all! Do what it takes to keep your goals coming closer one day at a time.

Soon enough you will get there if you don’t procrastinate too much along the way.

Combat stress by staying on track with your plans.

Stress Combating Strategy #4- Don’t Force Progress

This may seem counter-intuitive to strategy number 3, but as with all things in life there is balance.

Don’t procrastinate on your goals, but if it isn’t working out do not be afraid to take a step back and re-evaluate your plan. Taking the time to step back instead of pushing forward when the time isn’t right is just as important as avoiding procrastination.

When things aren’t working out, bare in mind what may have been the problem.

Did you drink too much coffee?

Did you stay up to late?

We can’t always force ourselves to commit to our plans. But when you can’t you must look into why the problem could have occurred.

Stress Combating Strategy #5- Focus on One Thing At a Time

Working on too many projects at once can be more stressful than it is worth.

To combat stress, focus on one thing at a time. If you are checking your emails, just check your emails. If you are writing an article, see it through!

Having too many tasks is often not only ineffective, it is stressful!

Stress Combating Strategy #6- Take a Walk

Sometimes when you are stressed out, it can be helpful to get your blood flowing just by going for a quick walk or run.

Getting your blood flowing can help you overcome that grogginess that is preventing you from focusing on your work and leading to your stress.

Take a break to go for a walk at least once a day to combat stress.

Stress Combating Strategy #7- Eat Healthy

Stress is caused by many factors both mental and physical.

If you find that you are constantly stressed out, one of the best things you can do is reevaluate your diet.

Many factors of your diet can lead to you being stressed out, such as eating:

  • Too much
  • Too little
  • Foods you are allergic too
  • Too much salt

That is just a few factors of your diet which could lead to you being stressed out!

Of course you want to make sure that you are drinking enough water too!

Stress Combating Strategy #8- Be Optimistic

It sounds silly, and truly it can be hard to commit to when you are stressed out. However practicing maintaining your optimism can help eliminate worry and stress in your life.

Of course, being too optimistic can lead to its own problems. In my experience I have found that being “internally optimistic” is the best way to maintain a healthy level of optimism. This means that you aren’t necessarily projecting your optimism to others, it’s more of a subtle internal recognition that “everything will be ok”.

Stress Combating Strategy #9- Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the best things you can do to combat stress.

If you have trouble getting enough sleep try these techniques:

  1. Use a fan
  2. Use Earplugs
  3. Try Chamomile Tea
  4. Turn off electronics an hour before bed
  5. Read a book before bed!

Don’t be afraid to take a nap in the day earlier, sometimes you need one! Although it’s often best to take a walk instead of a nap in the middle of the day. Especially if you get tired after eating. This can be especially helpful for managing your stress at an at-home business.

Combating Stress in a Wrap

Use these 9 strategies to help combat stress in your daily life.

Of course there are many more strategies to combat stress, but these are the 9 most useful ones I have found work best over the years.

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