{Th Le-Mu} Letter from A Mur: Indigo. A Collection of Stories and Poems

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{Th Le-Mu}

Letter from A Mur: Indigo

Th Universal-Creator(s)((Creator(s) of Heavens & Earth))

((Creator(s) of Heavens & Earth))

Higher Heavens Ave,

999 Ethers, 13Vibration

To Our Beloved Heavenly Father & Mother,

Plotting*Self Analysis

Observing the noise, this rest-less city makes, not only strange but also a fickle atmosphere. While pondering, I noticed the smallest bits/thoughts are what we (your creation) expound on. With so much activity, patterns in my life are shrouded by the noisy city. Focused on my serenity, which is more important. Tranquility. Harmony, everything going smooth, is what I need. In The land of the free, “The People” forgot what being free is. Desires. Then the city forgot Elohim; For better and not worse, we must remember how to nurture life. Yah’Elohim, what do I need for a brighter future? I finish my train of thoughts, blurred by enigma..is this where I Should be?

Sound Message

The thought, of Shores. Rising from my inner-most subconscious with brilliance, Anna Marie island, echos vividly. Maybe I need a change of scenery. Venture better ideas *reconnect with nature*. *Silver chimes ring from the window*. I turn to the window where I see my Ma’at beads by my bed. I should rest. Put my thoughts away.

I spoke out: “Tomorrow’s another day. Thank you Yah.”


Here is a Poem, Thanks for Reading;

Indigo Eyes:

This Time I Trust

In Nature’s signs, for, Liberty, Life


Th Dream, Pt. 1

A Dream, often happens once you’ve broken-through layers of darkness..with a mighty..Indigo Eye; From your abundance, unlimited..

*Tunes whistling*

An angelic song with images of purple/blue lights filled in the night sky. Closed eyes open’d to a vibrant coast. Pure bliss waters is brought to me. I’m singing, humming late at night. 

A slim cat on the shore accompanied me. This is Anna Marie?! I knew this song by Chante Moore; ‘I’m what you need.’ I know where I am & this song & the cat somehow belonged here too. This is all so subtle & smooth.

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Thanks for tuning in..We’re here to share our creation(s) with yah!

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Th Dream, Pt.2

I saw myself in a purple turban, gold crown, and clothed in white linen. Fresh. My back on a tree felt comforting. The moon being in full bloom; Shining her silver rays. You could feel the ardent winds. Comforting. The cat sat in front of the sea as if we both waiting for something with purpose. Behind the cat, laid a beige, carpet-style blanket with fine clothes upon a symbol of a palm tree; an emerald dress, gold bracelet, & white feathered headdress laid clean on the blanket. The Waters Roar’d. Another cat appeared by the slim dark cat.

The music moved in sync with the Starry night ceiling. Everything was alive. The leaves of the palm trees, clear under the moon’s light, danced. The trees danced with every note I sung. While Waiting, I noticed my eyes glowing Jade green (opal) *electrifying*. Birds flying, changing colors, gave me the idea that this was more supra-natural. The night was living and breathing as us.

Lights began to pulsate from the ocean.

A lantern under the ocean? In all of the commotion (lights,moon, ocean, birds), stars were communicating in front of my eyes. This is surreal. The air sped-up as the leave’s shaking matched the flickering ocean lights. The waters began to hum-Children began to appear on the shore. Dancing orbs?! As if I was time traveling, the children who appeared were made of bio-luminescent orbs. My purple turban had been surrounded by glimmering spheres of light. Sounds of laughter filled the air with joy-happiness.

My composure leaned toward the pace of the trees. Swaying with the lights underneath the ocean. Why am I calm? Stars above, once still (background) became part of the dancing (spirals). Apart of Earth.


Noises from the two cats broke the trance. The Female was gray. Meaner than the dark one too. Somehow I spoke cat. Looking forward.. I noticed the blanket was empty.


Again. I looked towards the cats and realized they were guiding my thoughts. I walked forward to inspect the blanket.

*Dropped silence*

Every intention I had was gone when I heard a sound. Dripping water and light breathing. Mi corazón. My body impulse..quaking with great vibrations. Turning cautiously..another heart..and a voice followed:

Th Women in, Th Dreaming

Mystery Women: “I’ve been told you were different.” *I turn to the cats.* Yawl some watching cats. *I think the cats thought this was funny.* The blanket beneath my feet were wet and in front of me, is a beautiful woman dressed in fine clothes. Emerald dress and white Turban with Indigo Eyes. All my thoughts began to behave with a pure spirit of truth.

A tremendous love began to emanate from us(not the cats). We laid on the sand. She lay beside me and began observing me. All of her focus. Every cell was alert. She could tell what I was thinking. A feeling of Law & Order pressed my mind & heart. Her eyes saw with everything with a magnificent depth. Through my flesh-into my cells, bones and spirit-beyond.

Indigo-Eyes:”Your heart is green as this dress”

“Your intentions, white as the feathers upon my headdress. Pure”

“Your feet, move towards gold, good intentions shining, like your crown”

She touched the crown on my Turban.

“This is beautiful. Hopefully not the last time we meet.

I’ve lived in land & sea, experienced the spirit of life move through many areas. All alone, I watched to learn why people do what they do. Companions would leave each other after so much time together.

My company has always been the Creator(s). Who we see when we sleep. Give thanks for what’s great. Though whom I enjoy this Earth with. Beloved. Is up to Yah’Elohim. We were united by this natural phenomenon. Even if we are, as far as the moon is to the Sun or Earth, we’ll be amplifying this 13Love. These waves between us..” 

Brilliant Future

Out of the dreaming, the colors of this world return. With the last scene re-playing in mind. Her voice in played on deep in my mind and heart:

“True vision is More than we think, beloved; Love, be, pure.”

The tasks of the day already calls my attention. Though I’m still in trance from dreaming, I slowing get on up and lay back down to bed. Just where and how did that happen? I need to take time off soon. More nature, to feel alive. I ain’t give dreams the same attention as now, but this sensation is living proof of a message.

Become lighter.

My mind is a holy sanctuary in these noisy times. Willing for a better environment. Watching through Indigo eyes, I walk with my inner compass..Elohim. 

Th joy of Elohim is my strength. Th Most Highs are our guides. Take heed, indeed.


Concluding Poem: The Process

Loyalty & Ethics

Balance then Repentance via energies causes greater breakthroughs to procreate once we’re Active.


Day by Day, one spoon full to overflow, best describes my mind-

Restoration, in-line to the narrow path, Making room for better times 

with Yah

Clean waters are heaven

About the Author Bio:

These stories, and poems were written by Yhorman L.L. Medima L. Bey

“O.z.(Da)Th-Bey13. I am a young moor (22years) learning, while I’m building with others. I am a co-host within TLC 13Tribe Radio currently on anchor. With my working schedule, I focus on creating projects when I am able to.”

“A few of my poems are on claritydaily.org and promos for projects by TLC 13LoveCommunity Private members. I appreciate yeh time as I write,sing, and exchange vibrations. Willing yeh learn more about the universal Creator(s).”

Yhorman L.L. Medima L. Bey

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