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Alcoholics Anonymous: They’re There for You

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Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) is an international conglomerate specifically made to help those who have drinking problems or those that are addicted to drinking (alcoholics).

It can sound extremely intimidating and sometimes it gets a bad name.

In actuality, the meetings generally consist of people just like you. These people want to learn more about alcohol addiction. Sometimes people don’t feel as though they have an addiction and they attend…

That’s perfectly okay!

Judgement is frowned upon and the meetings are built upon anonymity. Nothing said in the room is to be repeated outside of it.

Who Can Attend Meetings?

People attend meetings for all sorts of reasons. Everyone has their own unique story. So if sobriety is one of the goals you want to achieve, here is what you need to know about AA.

Some people come who just want to know more about Alcoholics Anonymous even if they don’t personally think they have an issue with drinking. That’s fine!

Those at the meetings are generally happy to give any information they can to you to help you decide if you’d like to continue attending.

Other people attend because they’ve been court ordered to go to a few Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. These people generally have a sheet they have to get signed by the meeting leader at the end of the meeting.

This is also perfectly okay. A.A. is meant for anyone. Those at the meeting are always welcoming to this crowd and they’re willing to answer any questions they can regarding meeting time or in reference to alcoholism in general.

Some people come to the realization that they have a drinking problem. It’s so much of a problem that: they are significantly hurting themselves and their families and friends. These people who come to the A.A. meetings at their ultimate low, are allowed to come in and talk about what they’ve done, and how they feel, without fear of judgement.

They’re also fully allowed to take full advantage of any services offered through the program. Of course, anyone is allowed to use any resources those at the meetings can provide.

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Why Go to a Meeting?

Taking any step towards Alcoholics Anonymous with any questions you have towards drinking, is considered progress. Because “progress” is measured through you and how you personally feel.

At Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, you’re able to make connections that last a lifetime. These people will be there for you with whatever you’re going through. You can call them at any time and they’ll be there.

While attending meetings, you’ll probably hear many people have gone through the same things you have. You may even find that people have done worse things than you or that you’ve done worse things than them.

Once more, I say: Everyone has their own specific story and their own path that they have taken to turn to Alcoholics Anonymous. 

In Conclusion…

Don’t be afraid to attend Alcoholics Anonymous for any reason, even if it’s just to ask questions. No matter your reasoning, you aren’t going to be judged for simply sitting in a meeting.

Even if you work at home, AA meetings can be found at all times in many places and you can work around it.

As long as you aren’t rude or inconsiderate to others who are attending, you’re more than welcome to come and be silent, or even tell your story!Thinking of attending a meeting but don’t know where to find one? Click Here!