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Intentional Goal Setting: Why It’s Important

Self Development

Goal setting is extremely important.

Most people achieve success, both personally and professionally, through goal setting.

In fact, without goal setting, you don’t have a “directory” to tell you if whatever steps you’re taking in your life are beneficial to you or not.

There’s no true purpose to any action without a goal in mind, it’s how humanity works.

Why should you strive to intentionally set goals?

Let’s find out!

The Importance of Intentional Goal Setting

Everyone has goals, whether intentional or not. And whether or not your goals are regarding getting your finances together, keeping you and your family healthy, focusing on your studies, or anything else, you’ll find there’s always a process that has to be followed.

Have you ever tried boarding a bus without knowing where you plan to get off? Have you ever taken a test without studying for it? Or have you ever picked up your phone a dialed a number without knowing whose it is?

These actions aren’t necessarily typical of a typical person. In fact, these actions would give many people feelings of stress and anxiety.

This is where intentional goal setting comes in.

Goals come in all different shapes and sizes. Even if they’re small ones that get you through your day, they’re important.

Intentional goal setting gives you a sense of achievement once the goals you set are completed, and it helps you gauge your life’s progress. The more goals you achieve, the more progress you’re making.

Even if you’re accomplishing your goals little-by-little, you’ll still be taking big steps towards achieving your life’s purpose.

Things to Think About

Goals can be an inspirational force. Once you set definitive goals, you can bring them, and yourself, to great heights. They give you purpose and a way to achieve that purpose.

Small goals with simple steps are great at first, but it’s also important to have a “big goal” you’d like to achieve.

Of course, with big goals, come slightly convoluted steps. Sometimes you can only plan but so much with big goals. Just remember that you may not achieve all of your goals overnight.

With that comes goal prioritization and organization.

Make sure to write down your goals and figure out which ones are most important to you. Make sure to take into account resources and time when you do this.

Set goals you’re passionate about.

In order to get a true sense of achievement through intentional goal setting, you have to want to achieve your goals. Don’t just write down goals you have to achieve.

When trying to achieve a goal, be sure to go above and beyond with it. Don’t just go halfway, you’ll get a much bigger reward when you try your hardest. Even if the reward is just a heightened sense of happiness.

Be prepared for obstacles. Every goal comes with its own set of obstacles ranging from mildly inconveniencing to hope draining. Don’t let these deter you! Persist!

Never underestimate the power of goal setting. Set goals and don’t be afraid to chase after them wholeheartedly. Don’t let anything stop you. You’ll have a heightened sense of purpose and achievement once you’ve set and achieved your goals.