This soma is that the divine vault of entrepot of seven jewels.

This soma is that the divine vault of entrepot of seven jewels.

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Generally whereas discussing Kundalini Sakti (Divine Serpent Power) we tend to talk about half-dozen Chakras however essentially they’re seven in range. Sahasrar or the 1000-petalled lotus is that the pinnacle of all Chakras. as a result of it’s within the brain it’s thought of a chief. it’s tagged extraordinary as a result of there square measure five Chakras within the Merudanad (spinal chord), the Ajna Chakra between the eyebrows so the Sahasrar within the head region.

The seven Lokas (worlds) square measure delineated . Their names square measure Bhooha, Bhuvaha, Svaha, Mahaha, Janaha, Tapaha, Satyam. Even within the monotheism scriptures it’s aforesaid that God resides within the seventh heaven. Since past an analogous description is given within the Christian religion too. the earth Earth is one however seven categories of creatures reside on that viz. sand, stone, trees, herbs, minerals, water.

One ought to note that the seven worlds will ne’er be found within the put down stellar area of our material universe. they’re neither there up within the sky nor below our planet Earth. essentially they’re gift in human consciousness. as a result of the universe (universe) is gift within the example (human psyche). therefore rather than lost away within the external world these seven Lokas ought to be hunted for inside i.e. in our consciousness. therefore one will contact these worlds.

According to Ayurvedic medication the body has seven minerals and that they square measure blood, skin, juices, flesh, bones, marrow and seed. though these square measure visibly separate, however they’re tightly complex inside. of these seven place along constitutes our gross body. once the 7-fold aspects of the individual is mentioned, it includes length, breadth, height (the 3-fold facet i.e. holography), special orientation (time-space) and also the fifth is opposed matter. it’s the fifth facet that corresponds to the refined body that harbours telepathic potential. The sixth facet is that the thinking method and also the seventh is divine sentiments. the primary four aspects square measure inert and also the remaining 3 square measure aspects of consciousness.

Before killing Vali Lord Ram displayed his divine artistry to Sugreeva by uprooting seven trees at the same time with one arrow solely. essentially these seven trees correspond to the seven Chakras of our refined body. as a result of Abhimanyu had not woke up these seven Chakras in associate apt manner he couldn’t commence of the Chakravyuha web set down by the Kauravas despite the actual fact that he had earned divine knowledge whereas however in his mother Uttara’s female internal reproductive organ. Kundalini Sakti (Divine Serpent Power) is therefore valuable that it’s been fast within the seven Chakras of our refined body that square measure the locks of a divine vault.

When we talk about the seven Chakras (plexuses) they’re set during this order from the bottom of the spine viz. 1. Mooladhar two. Svadhishthan three. Manipoor 4. Anaahat 5. Vishudhi 6. Ajna 7. Sahasrar. together with the Ajna Chakra at sure places they mention a Bindu Chakra too. therefore Sahasrar (Brahmarandhra) is taken into account the last word station within the variety of a 1000-petalled lotus or the 1000-headed serpent. essentially along with this there square measure solely seven Chakras whereby the Sahasrar rules over the lower half-dozen Chakras. it’s greatly almost like the endocrine being the chief of all endocrine glands. These half-dozen Chakras is aforesaid to be each individually set and conjointly as associated with each other even as seasons of one year square measure associated with each other. they’re conjointly known as stones of half-dozen miles which the seventh one rather than being a stone may be a sacred temple.

A certain sect of Yogis decision these Chakras as seven bodies i.e. 1. build two. Etheric body three. heavenly body body four. Mental body five. non secular body half-dozen. Cosmic body seven. Divine body. The build is seen with our gross eyes. The organs inside the body is perceived by touching them or via different suggests that.

The second body is that within which thoughts square measure born. Here one experiences likes/ dislikes, respect/ insult, one’s own / aliens, happiness / discontent, union / separation and different such sweet/ bitter experiences. this is often the etheric body that the Theosophists label as etheric double. They suppose it’s substitutable with the Prana Kosha or the very important sheath. however beyond doubt it’s a a lot of widespread boundary. this is often seen and measured as ‘Biofluxes’. Leadbeater had mentioned this through “Man-Visible-Invisible”. it’s conjointly known as the Ideosphere.

The third body is expounded to thoughts, logic, intellect, and divine intellect. it’s associated with social behaviour, civilized behaviour, ideology, liking, culture etc. within the mental body there’s rapturous expertise of inventive skills and in it manifest delicate emotions. this is often the planet of sensitivity. during this body resides compassion, generosity, ideals etc. The fourth body is that the mental body within which glory manifests and our daring and valiance matures up here. it’s on this basis that man authors his future. If it’s competently used man reaches the top of his life and if its distorted, it results in his downfall.

The fifth body is that the non secular body and may be a entrepot of telepathic potential. The sub acutely aware mind is inside its jurisdiction. within the sixth body square measure created Rishis, men of austerities, Yogis, men of self-control etc. within the seventh body the distinction supported “mine and yours” is overcome. up here is woke up the sentiment of “world mutually single family” which “all beings square measure a locality of my terribly soul”. Here one experiences one’s soul and also the body of Brahman. this is often the realm of heaven and non secular liberation.

In the Shiva Purana there’s an odd legend regarding Shiva’s son Skand or Kartikeya’s birth. Lord Shiva felt that he required to bring forth a valorous son World Health Organization would overcome the demons and establish the reign of demi-gods. therefore he accepted the prayer of the demi-gods. Shivaji’s seed manifested as hearth. Parvati, his consort, was unable in reality {this hearth|this hearth|this fireplace} and therefore Vaishwanar took the shape of a feminine and imbibed this seed within the variety of fire in her female internal reproductive organ. once Skand was born he manifested most divine brilliance that there was a retardant on World Health Organization would rear and nourish him. Parvatiji didn’t have any expertise. therefore this task was haunted by the half-dozen Kritikas (Pleiades Stars). They reared and nourished Skand. Skand manifested half-dozen mouths therefore on drink milk from the half-dozen Kritikas. therefore Hindu deity is additionally known as Shadanan (6-headed). As before long as he gained may he attacked the demons and by gaining triumph over them he asked the demi-gods to require over the reins.

This Skand incarnation ought to be looked upon because the cluster of the half-dozen Chakras (plexuses) associated with Kundalini Sakti together with its influence. Shiva’s Retas (semen) is nothing however Kundalini hearth power and so as to imbibe it the inner Vaishwanar is invoked. The half-dozen Chakras because the half-dozen Kritikas offer milk and by changing into a valorous soul within the intense arena of the soul, a complete non secular aspirant World Health Organization has activated his Kundalini power utilizes it for pious non secular goals.

These half-dozen Chakras gift within the refined a part of the Merudand is compared to powerhouses of electricity and conjointly transformers. Its perform is to draw in energy within the refined world and therefore nourish the gross, refined and casual bodies.

According to Tantra Science the chief powers of the planet square measure classified in seven ways: Parashakti, Jnanshakti, Icchashakti, Kriyashakti, Kundalinishakti, Matrishakti and Guhyashakti. The union of of these square measure known as “Grand Unification of Farsus” and material analysis is being conducted during this field.

In non secular science one finds an outline of seven worlds, oceans, mountains, continents etc. It can not be correlate to earth science. as a result of essentially it’s an outline of the non secular arena together with its creation and potential. These seven square measure the vault of jewels and in it one finds all that that man needs in his gross and refined life.

Let us pray for material/spiritual prosperity and unite the planet peacefully as a family therefore on create: a fine looking borderless world.