Top 10 Countries with Highest Technology in the World 2017

Top 10 Countries with Highest Technology in the World 2017

Today, is an era of technology therefore it has got the attention of all countries and sectors of the world because according to the benefits of this technology, every region of the world wants to add to their technological department since with the help of this they resist, fight or survive from their enemies of all kind. So let us take a view at the list of top Countries of the world with the highest technology.

  • Japan

Country which is constantly holding first place in this list for a lot of years is Japan due to its most excellent modern technology which is only done due to its best up to date technology and invention made by the people of country after the confrontation of second World War. So now this country is now debated for its Dimensional Elevator. In field of defense, Japan is the first country of the Universe which has made laser guns first so measured as most modern technology and science country in the world, so Dimensional Elevator can transfer a person from one place to other in just a nanosecond which is an evidence of highest rate in technology so this country has made life of person more simple to live.

  • United States

The most famous country of the world since of number one powerful country consequently also admitted or well thought-out in those countries which have great economy with a large income per capita, many worldwide popular countries are spotted here in this country which are includes AMT, Intel, Dell and most significant of all Google which is richest company in the world. Regardless of all this also in fast emerging technological countries in the world, as US has premium technical intelligence system which is only probable due to its advanced equipment but as talk about the space technology then First man on the moon Neil Armstrong was also from the same country USA consequently has great achievement in Space technology.

  • Finland

Not only rich in Nature of beauty but also rich in fields of technology and science therefore country is still in the top in almost every sector whether it’s health, politics, economy and also technical fields of science such as Information technology industry, so it’s the passion of the government to make this country one of the largest in technology race as well speed by launching and producing higher technological projects. So that’s the reason why this country has in great per capita income as compare to many other countries of the world, so this country has great part in technology sector due to its well established standard of education which is only possible due to an outstanding management in the country.

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