Unique Wedding Customs Of The World

Unique Wedding Customs Of The World

Unique Wedding Customs Of The World
Unique Wedding Customs Of The World

It is one of the most universal ethnicity in the world. But, it is celebrated in a different way by everyone.

Each culture has its own ways of making someone’s special day extra special. According to the Japanese customs, the couple takes sips of sake to make official their union. In Jamaica, everyone in the village takes to the street to see the bride. And she should look spectacular or she could be scorned. But how can such a common formal procedure be so different to everyone? Let’s check out these traditions to find out more about them.

The Indian wedding celebrations:

We have all heard about the rich Indian culture talking about the Indian weddings it is surrounded by ceremonies and rituals.

As a component of the pre-wedding ceremony, there is an Engagement held where the groom and the bride exchange rings and the families exchange sweets and gifts. The Ceremony of Mehendi is usually held at the bride’s place before the actual wedding ceremony and is the celebration when the bride’s wrists, arms, palms, legs, and feet are decorated. Whereas on the big day, the groom and the bride put flower garlands around each other’s necks in the Ceremony of Var Mala to show that the bride has accepted the groom as her husband.

Islamic ceremonies are structured and simple:

The traditional nikah, or the marriage ritual, is trouble-free. However, many Muslims also hold multi-day celebrations in admiration of the wedding. The groom and the bride are separated at the wedding and can only see each other if their families permit.

Wedding dress dominates a Cuban wedding

Due to the rule of the communist, ceremony cannot be a religious event. Still People find a way to rejoice though. Often, a parade of family members and guests takes place on the way to wedding location, bringing music and dancing with them.

As far as the dress goes the most important element the dress is often made of satin or silk and includes ruffles and full skirts.

The American ceremonies:

Many of the United States wedding customs have been taken up from other cultures from around the world. Ceremonies in the United States are considered as the most flexible ones in the world.

Whereas most aspects of the ceremony are adopted from European customs or follow the couple’s unique background, there are some customs all ceremonies share. A majority of the weddings include the groom removing the bride’s garter to toss to the single men in the audience and the wedding toast. The wedding kiss is also a significant feature of weddings in the United States.

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