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What is a Micro Influencer?

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Social media is huge in today’s world. With the rise of social media, comes the formation of new words to encompass new niches. One of these words is “micro influencer”.

Now, you may be asking: “What is a micro influencer?”

Well, simply put, a micro influencer is someone who has a loyal “following” large enough to have an impact. They are generally found on a variety of social media platforms.

Of course, this term doesn’t have an exact definition. And it is constantly evolving like similar terms do. But, what is it exactly that micro influencers do? How are they useful to you? How can you become one?

The Impact of the Micro Influencer

As I mentioned before, micro influencers aren’t necessarily famous. They have a large following. But it’s not so large that ol’ Joe Schmo from down the street knows who it is.

From my research, I found that micro influencers have a following between 1,500 and 100,000 followers. Of course, this “average” will likely rise within the next few years as more and more people of all ages hop on social media.

Although micro influencers do not necessarily have a global impact, I’ve found that they’re quite relevant.

How are Micro Influencers Useful?

It turns out that businesses are now frequenting micro influencers to advertise their products. 

These products range from a multitude of things such as:

  • Skin care
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Herbal remedies
  • Audio books
  • Educational videos on multiple subjects
  • And many more!

Because the following of micro influencers is smaller. And they’re generally popular on much more personal social media platforms (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). They tend to have a more committed fanbase. 

These influencers allow their followers into semi-private pieces of their lives. This aids in creating a much more friendly relationship with their fans. So, when their favorite micro influencer-who-is-like-a-friend promotes a product. It’s more likely that they’ll check it out in order to help out their influencer.

If you run a business and have a product that you want promoted, there are many ways to do it. One of the best ways nowadays is to sponsor a micro influencer. These sponsorships typically work by giving a micro influencer a customized link to your website for them to share with their followers. Anytime this link is used to purchase your product, they get a percentage of the profits from the sale.

This way, your products gets exposed to lots of people. And, you can help a micro influencer have enough money to continue living their typical life for another day or so.

How Do You Become a Micro Influencer?

Well, the answer to this is rather complicated.

Many influencers got where they are through a precise combination of a few different things…

Hard work

Despite many micro influencers making their jobs look easy. It doesn’t mean that it was, or is, always that way. Many influencers had to work full-time jobs while simultaneously attempting to create fun, engaging content for viewers.


The internet is a hard place to have a job. People can be ruthless. And the job itself can be cutthroat. Many micro influencers had to deal with scathing comments about their appearance and content in order to get where they are. A lot of the times, they just had to keep their heads up through the hate. And continue making content that they love for people that love, and hate, them.

Charm and Likeability

All great micro influencers have something about them that just clicks with those that watch, or view, their content. 

This feature that “clicks” can be seen in a variety of things such as their:

  • Body (swimsuit or clothing models)
  • Voice (singers or story tellers)
  • Personality and friends (vloggers)
  • Opinions (whether good or bad)

Successful micro influencers have found their niche. And ridden it to fame. Successful micro influencers got popular in a way that other people liked.


There are hundreds of millions of people on the internet today. And it is insanely hard to be discovered. Let alone, gain a loyal following that regularly views your content. Many successful micro influencers today, would say that they are extremely lucky to be where they are at the moment. Not that becoming an influencer isn’t without hard work. But because it also took luck to have so many people see their content and like it enough to continue being engaged with it.

Wrapping Things Up

Micro influencers have a big hand in the way products are promoted today. And some even have an influence on the way people live their normal lives. It’s difficult to become a micro influencer. And it takes work to maintain that status. But once you get there, it’s definitely worth it. As much as some people want to dismiss the rise of social media in our culture, it won’t stop rising. People don’t watch television with advertisements anymore. They also skip ads anytime they can. With micro influencers, businesses can be promoted efficiently again. And people don’t have to feel so alone when they can immerse themselves in someone else’s life for a bit.

Even though reaching this goal can be difficult, when you get there, it’ll be worth it.