What is Happiness? will it's Defined?

What is Happiness? will it’s Defined?

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Happiness is one among the foremost unremarkably used words. we have a tendency to all say – the youngsters look therefore happy. i’m terribly happy these days. you do not look happy. Any reason? the way to build a contented world? the way to avoid unhappy feelings and feel happy? that pill will facilitate us? The discussion regarding happiness is endless. will science provides a common definition of happiness? General answers square measure obtainable that say that happiness could be a state once one feels sensible, elated , contented, good etc. Is happiness a life long gift or associate feeling practiced for a brief time.

If I win a lottery, I become happy. As I pay all the cash, I become sad once more. once you decision Pine Tree State a decent person, I feel happy and once you curse Pine Tree State, I feel terribly sad. If I verify the body of my old flame, I feel sad and once I verify riant faces of kids I feel happy. we’ve no management. Outside forces and events management our emotions. we have a tendency to square measure all toys. That has no discretion. this can be tough to believe however true.

Let us verify what’s not happiness. Low self worth, feelings of depression, sadness, guilt, helplessness, frustration, low interest, uncertainty, and every one such negative emotions don’t seem to be happy emotions. They rather build U.S. sad. currently allow us to talk about what’s happiness? Feeling sensible, cheerful outlook, positive thoughts, winning attitudes, glad living, enjoyment, and every one such emotions that build U.S. feel sensible square measure happy feelings

Is happiness same for all of us? If I provides a certain quantity to few individuals, some might become terribly happy and a few might become angry and a few won’t care either method. Am I creating myself clear? therefore happiness isn’t one thing that we have a tendency to feel in equal live. i’ll be terribly happy once I watch the star lit night, however you will relish solely the intense sunshine. therefore all folks has his/her own happiness.

Some of U.S. square measure happy once we get an outsized quantity of cash, some once they will do heap of artistic work, some once they will build others feel sensible then on. All folks have our distinctive set of values and needs. we have a tendency to ourselves repeatedly don’t realize them. It become tough so to grasp the way to keep others happy and this mental object causes most of lay personal issues. however these variations in our emotional reactions build U.S. human beings; otherwise we have a tendency to are not any totally different than animals.