Why Arrival Can Win the Best Picture Oscar Award

Why Arrival Can Win the Best Picture Oscar Award

Why Arrival Can Win the Best Picture Oscar Award
Why Arrival Can Win the Best Picture Oscar Award


Movies of Science-fiction genre are not the one we could accuse of displaying themselves as the Oscar bait. There are some movies that have extraterrestrial element and have scored the best picture nominations: ET, the first Star Wars – and if we take a look at the most recent films the figure of possible nominees increased, Avatar, District 9, Her, Inception, Gravity & The Martian have also sneaked in.

None of these won – though Gravity came very close.

Arrival is a movie that intensely focuses on the female lead. This movie is definitely a heart-trip, which fiddles with your innards from get-go. In this movie Amy Adams is raising a child, apparently solo, the child (daughter) she raised dies in her early teens. When you watch this awesome movie and you’re four minutes through, you’re going to find yourself in tears.

After that we’re in the present day: Adams is Louise, a professor who teach linguistics and whose lectures are interrupted by the alien invasion: there are 12 enormous spaceships, black, great rough quasi-banana-shaped that don’t touch the ground instead hover above the ground, at 12 different places around the world, and there they stay. The aliens have not at this time expressed their intentions. Forest Whitaker recruits Louise in order to find out what the aliens actually want along with scientist names Ian (Jeremy Renner), to work out what they want.

Louise is tasked with interpreting and reporting the language that aliens speaks and that sounds like nothing you might have heard before. The aliens communicated mostly through the intricate ink rings spurted on to glass.

The film moves forward, at this time it is not clear what are the intentions of the aliens. Now Ian and Louise come under pressure to find out if the world is in imminent danger from aliens, as they quietly fall in love with each other (Ian and Louise). Now Louise slowly comes to realize that language she’s learning might not be as it seems, and our own thought of the story might have been playing tricks on us.


Arrival movie implies about how we experience time. It is a film having a very beautiful plot twist despite the tragedy at its core. The story of Arrival tells us that pain and love are interchangeable.

Arrival may not be the contender for the flagship honors (Adams don’t even have nomination), but this movie is still nominated for almost nine awards and most of them technical.

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