Fashion for Women: Checkout the newest Trends

Latest Trends in Women’s Fashion: A Detailed Look at 2020

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Fashion trends are constantly morphing and changing. So here are the Fashion trends for 2020.

It’s a simple fact that has a tendency to befuddle people. It leaves many people wondering what things go together because a lot of what was considered “fashion” last month, is considered “totally irrelevant” this month.


What are the latest trends in the high stakes world of Women’s Fashion?

Let’s take a look!

Yarns and the Fall

Some of today’s “hottest trends” are those that are closest to nature.

Velvet cardigans with fine-knitting are one of the favorites of world celebrated fashion designer Michael Kors. The material used for knitting these cardigans is especially soft wool mixed with silk. This blend of material creates a rustic, yet classy, look for any of those who want to go to work then head out for drinks afterwards.

Yoke sweaters have been making a comeback in the fashion industry and are a “must-have” for any of those who want to show their love of Fall with what they’re wearing. They’re a simple addition to outfits as well! Pair them with a pair of jeans or a classy button-up shirt and you’ve got yourself a fashionable look to conquer any pumpkin patch with.

Yoke sweaters create a world of wonderful contrasts. Bold yoke colors go excellent with matte finished threads for the rest of the garment.

Not a fan of yoke sweaters or cardigans? To add a little bit of “spice” to a simple look, Boden Women’s wear really takes the cake. Their “Kelsey Sweaters” bring a wonderful pop of color with a simple lace trim that can be paired with a simple pant and a casual camisole.

Don’t forget to hop on this fashion bandwagon before it’s over!


…an all time trend setter.

Denim is a material that will forever be “in season”. However, the way denim is integrated in fashion trends, really depends on the era you look at. The fall of 2006/07 fashion really set forth a new age for denim, like:

  • Skinny jeans in black or indigo shades
  • Denim jackets paired with chiffon skirts
  • Denim on denim, on denim, on denim

Distressed jeans have made quite the comeback and lots of stores sell them “pre-distressed” so there’s no more “DIY” jean distressing going on a home.

The variety of styles that denim is able to conform to is why denim is forever “in style” according to the fashion industry. 


“Boho chic” is style is very “in” according to today’s standards, especially Boho jewelry. Luckily this is a cheaper alternative to previous jewelry trends. An example being the large “costume jewelry” pieces that were in style awhile ago. A great site for getting unique, yet classy, boho jewelry is

We all know a good outfit is never complete without a matching purse. Vera Bradley handbags and clutches, despite most of their styles being abstract, are extremely popular. Their styles go great with simple, block colored outfits and they add a wonderful pop of color and class. Of course, there are plenty of other options for handbags and purses that are “in” for those who want a wider array of purse styles to choose from. One of these options being: Michael Kors.


There are countless styles that are considered up-to-par for today’s fashion standards, the key is finding what is right for you! If you’re not confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll have more trouble pulling it off. In today’s society of “anything goes”, don’t be afraid to wear what you want!

No amount of “majority rules opinions” on fashion are worth conforming your style for.Now that the stress of knowing what to wear is off of your shoulders, remedy other stresses in your life such as driving and job stress!